Project Interface Manager

Project Interface Manager

Cloud-based management of interface queries

Smooth the critical path of project communication

An increasing number of projects rely on effective management of interface queries

Pisys Interface Query Management leverages the workflow manager to deliver  a  cloud hosted solution that facilitates the easy communication of interface information between stakeholders. Access to information can be controlled across companies, departments, teams or individuals and multi-level action sign off ensures that actions critical to the interface are clearly visible and properly managed.

  • Easy central management of all interface actions and data
  • Actions can be easily allocated and monitored
  • Bottlenecks can be quickly identified
  • Automated workflow ensures that all responsible parties are kept up to date with deadlines
  • Extensive reporting facilities allow informed conversations between stakeholders
  • Ideal for dispersed teams operating across different regions or companies
  • Easily configurable by the user to reflect business requirements